First in the Horror series!

The small town of Chesterville in the Valley of Dale hides countless horrors; their secrets bleeding into weedy ditches and slithering through dark alleys...


What lies behind the doors in Maple Street should be left locked away, even when a strange key emerges and brings unforeseen bliss. 


The pull of the unknown is too strong for Gertrude and her grieving heart. She dives into a search for a hidden door to forget her husband's untimely death. Doing so, she releases something that could either heal her, or destroy everything she has left in her life: The house she has lived in all her life, her only son, her two grandchildren, and her sanity. 


Can she finish what her ancestors started? Or will her old bones end up buried next to her loved ones' in the hungry soil of the Valley?


Comedic horror short story collection

Do ghosts in your house need therapy? Is there something dusty and disturbing about how many people desert your workplace without a goodbye? Maybe you own some antiques wishing to never know where all the small scratches came from? Perhaps you enjoy making fast friends in the strangest of times, or you love being invited to weddings that seem just too perfect?

In that case, pick up this nifty collection and take a plunge into the small worlds of comedic horror to catch up on the creative creeps. These are the short stories that quench any thirst for a happy grin...until things turn grim.

Short stories

Feline Magic




Is there anything your cat would not do for you?


Renna is about to find that out as FBI knocks on her door looking for her pet that she thought to be completely ordinary...until that day. Mr. Mudcake, formerly lazy giant who enjoys naps in a laundry basket, grabs her into a running adventure full of magic and darkness of the downtown. Together they venture away from the safety of suburbs and face the greed of humankind and wonder of feline enchantment.


But is any amount of paws and hands joined enough to stop the government? What will they have to do to protect the secrets of the cat kind?


Renna doesn’t know and Mr. Mudcake hopes for the best.

Familiar Feast

FRee in KOBO, 99C in Amazon

The family has gathered, food is on the table, and Yule logs light the path as Matthias runs through the wilderness.

Will he make his way home with the precious gift or will he miss the most important night of the year?

After all, a witch must make an offering.





This anthology will be released on December 2020.



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